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Junior Operator Requirements
To obtain your Junior Operator License (JOL), there are requirements that you must meet in addition to the standard driver's license requirements.

Driver Education Requirements
The link above shows what is required for D.E students under the age of 18.

Driver's Ed Permit Book
Click the link above to download the permit book online for free!

Apply for a Learner's Permit
To legally drive in Massachusetts, you must first apply for a learner's permit.

Schedule Your Road Test Online!
Ready to get your license? You can schedule your road test online.

Supervised Driving Log
The below form is a tool for your convenience that will help you keep track of time spent on the road as well as a way to ensure that your teen has a diverse supervised driving experience. You want your teen to be as prepared as possible for their Junior Operator's License.

Safety Teen Driving Guide
Follow these guidelines to ensure safe driving with your teens at home!

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